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The purpose of this app is to facilitate the life. Mainly it comes to making life easier for the men sent by his wife to go shopping. It is possible, of course, the situation reversed, and even quite different.

This app allows you to reduce the distance traversed during the wandering between lanes, to shorten the time spent in the shop and improve the efficiency - you will buy all the things your wife asked to buy ;).

With GTB you can:

- create, edit, delete shopping lists,

- create, edit, delete products stored in database,

- create, edit, delete categories,

- directly add products to shopping list,

- assign products to categories,

- have products automatically groupped in categories,

- clearly marked bought items,

- assign prices to the products,

- calculate sum of all the products on the shopping list,

- calculate sum of all the checked products on the shopping list,

- calculate sum of all the not checked products on the shopping list,

- easy import from clipboard,

- easy import using "Speech to text",

- help included in the application.

Published Sep 01, 2016
Tagsandroid, grocery, shopping, tool

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